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is it likely?

just typed this out once and my lovely yunacat stood on the keyboard deleting my post gggggggrrrrrr.

I have had depressive episodes regularly since 2000 i haven't been taking any meds now for 3 years, had a wobble last year but went for some counselling which helped then quit my job.

Whilst TTC i'm worried i'll get post natal depression IF it ever happens, are my chances increased if i've already suffered from depression?


  • Previous depression is one of the risk factors for PND but that doesn't mean you'll definately get it. In a way I think it was useful to me that I'd had previous depression as I recognised the signs and spoke to my HV earlier than I think I would otherwise have done. Good luck with TTC try not to worry about PND just be alert to the signs x
  • thanks ladies, having had several episodes I've also become quite skilled at recognizing the patterns and signs so hopefully that will stand me in good steed!
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