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Fluoxotine - PND

Hi everyone

I have been taking fluoxotine for four weeks now for PND (more anxiety than feeling depressed) and whilst i have picked up a bit and feel a bit better just wonderng if anyone else has taken them and how long they take to work fully? I do feel more positive but having difficulty with sleeping because I still feel anxious, maybe I need a higher dosage....any views?

This is my second time that I have had PND and took the same tablets before and they seemed to work but think im a little more stressed than last time cos I have a toddler to look after also.

Please help!!


  • Hi!Ihope ur ok,its good to see u got the help u needed. I am currently on sertraline for OCD. Which got a lot worse when i was pregnant, i didnt get the help i needed til a cpl of months after the birth. I came off sertraline for 6 weeks coz i was so much better after meds n therapy, but i wasnt doing great because my anxiety got a lot worse etc! so i went bk onto sertraline, but on a lower dose. A few weeks ago i changed to Fluoxetine because i am trying to conceive n i was told by DR that medication has the lowest risks to the unborn child, but it wasnt for me, i was taking them for 9 days n just didn't feel right on it, so i ended up going back on sertraline, n will haveto take extra care (folic acid n making sure i eat healthy) to make sure i do everyfin to get a healthy baby, altho the risks are low u just dont know. What dose are u on?inyour pack u shud have a leaflet with the medication n it says in the leaflet roughly how long to expect for them to start working. Id speak to ur DR coz it maybe that u do need ur dose upping. I hope this helped image x x
  • it can take approx 6 weeks to feel the full benefit of fluoxetine! try taking it at night instead of the morning, this worked better for me as they made me feel drowsy. You might benefit from an increased dose BUT i doubt you're gp will try this til you've been taking them for 6 to 8 weeks. asking won't hurt though!!

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