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Think i might have PND - Feel so alone

Hi Ladies

I havent posted on BE for months, thought with writting down my feeling might help me figure out what to do. I gave birth to my 2nd dd in April after a 35hour labour, i had to have a forceps delivery i did find the whole birth quite tramatic.(My 1st daughter was a planned c-section). I breastfed for 2weeks and then got mastitis, i felt so ill and was on anti-biotic for a week, i gave up breastfeeding as i found it too painful, but i also feel really guilty as i fed first dd for 6months.

My daughter is now 5months old and everyday is such an effort, i dont feel like me anymore, life isnt fun anymore and i cant see to look forward to anything. I just feel miserable all the time i dont want to go out, then i make myself go out as its not fair on the girls but i cant wait to get home again. i dont have any friends and feel as though i have no one to talk to that will understand. Even if a did talk to someone i dont know where to start and feel like such a failure. Im sat here in tears which isnt unusual.

My partner was self employed, but work has been nil this year and he has had no work the last 3months. We are in debt which we are sorting out. Nothing is going right for us, all we do is fight and argue just know.

Im just so tired, i can go to my bed and just lie awake for a gd cpl of hours then when its time to get up it just starts all over again.



  • I really think you should speak to your health visitor. You say you dont know where to start but just tell her what you have put here. You really do need to get some help. This isn't fair on you to feel like this. I have 2 children, the youngest 5 months and I have recently been diagnosed with PND. My life has been different to yours but I have been through a lot too and my HV said all those experiences when pregnant, in labour and after the birth can all cause PND to develop. I am now seeing my GP, HV and the peri natal mental health team. I don't yet feel any better but I feel better for having talked to someone. Just getting it off your chest helps x
  • Oh Jen, No wonder your feeling rubbish image

    Like Gail has said talk to your HV, she will be able to help. You'll get through this and only wished you'd spoken to someone sooner, I promise. I've not suffered with PND but I have suffered from depression in the past and the best thing you can do is talk it out. I know its hard getting it started but once you do you really will start feeling different xxxx
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