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Hi Ladies

I havent been on for a while, i sometimes feel as if being a mummy is the loneliest job in the world. Friends i use to be friends with arent interested and trying to make new ones is so hard. Families etc are so busy now getting on with there lifes. Some days are better than others but each day is still a struggle. Hope the rest of you are doing ok.


  • Its really hard when you in the midst of it. Have you talked to your HV about it? or go and see the doctor. I found it a lot easier talking to my HV than even trying to go see the doctor.. it felt like i was being a bad mum, that i should be able to cope, i guess you could say i was actually making the whole situation worse for myself. HV was great, she would visit once a week to see how i was getting on, sometimes all i needed was someone there to say yes you are doing a good job.. even if that job was just getting dressed and showering before lunch and feeding/changing the baby. It took me 6 months before i said anything to HV, now i look back and should have actually said something at the 6 week check-up. Keep your chin up, make little goals for the day, even if its just take the kids outside for a 5minute walk, or do a 10minute reading session after lunch. Hope things start to brighten up for you.
  • Your world does change once you become a mum. You suddenly have new priorties with a baby in the house, you have to sacrifice some of your old lifestyle & whilst you understand why your former friends may not.

    It will help to talk, be it to HV/GP/Other mums. Try looking at as they focus on your local area, have a 'local-to-you' message board with adverts for you to meet up with other mums local to you, events suitable for you & baby to attend together, for me it was a godsend in finding new 'mummy' friends to meet up with & share mummy tips & child playdays.

    Best wishes hon & above all else keep talking, the more you let the feelings out the better you'll feel.
  • I have never been more lonely than since I became a mum. I hate leaving the house and i'm not very good at mixing with people I dont know. I just feel like the real me is lost under 'being a mum' and im screaming to come out. image 



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