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Anyone with PND not on antidepressants?

Hi all,

I've recently been diagnosed with either PND or post traumatic stress.I've had a pretty horrible time recently, my son was born in January at 36 weeks, not breathing and with a few different problems. He's doing well now and improving all the time but it's left me feeling very low, very stressed, and anxious. My HV did the PND test with me on Thursday and I got a very low score. I also spoke to my doctor last week as I knew something was wrong. One good thing is that due to my son being on the neonatal ward for 4 weeks we were offered counselling with a children's health counsellor so have had a couple of sessions already, and finding its really helping. The doctor has agreed to let me continue the counselling but also offered me antidepressants. However, Im not keen to start these but would prefer instead to continue with the counselling and use more 'natural' methods to help me recover, mood enhancing foods, exercise etc. Has anyone else refused antidepressants? Did it help you?


  • I cant help with your original question but I do have a positive story regarding PND and anti-depressants. My sister suffered with PND and took a very low dose of amitriptyline and it has worked wonders. She tried the exercise and diet method but found that it was really hard to stick to with a baby. She reluctantly took the pills an hasn't looked back. She was only on them for a few months but that was all she needed and is now back to her normal self. I completely understand why you don't want to take tablets, but I personally believe depression isn't something you can just shake yourself out of. It is a medical condition and you need to find the right treatment for you. If you had the flu you would take a tablet to relieve your symptoms. If you decide to go the medicinal route to treat PND then it is the same thing. Good luck with whatever you decide xx
  • Hi all I was diagnosed last week with Pnd after struggling for 3 months in silence I was offered Prozac but am put off by the side effects and am worried I'll feel spaced out so I've refused them but I'm feeling worse as the days go on... image
  • I refused them first time and I did get better myself but second time around I took them. I have another child and felt, even though the baby had no idea about how awful I was feeling my older child would - and did. I am still not better 8 months on but am getting there. However without the tablest god knows where I would have been. I take the highest dose of Sertraline after it being increased 4 times and I do not feel spaced out at all. I think it depends on how you feel. With my first I was happy to try without and it sounds like you Cas1980uk want to try. That is good. I couldnt do that this time and it is the best thing I did

  • Well after speaking to my health visitor this morning I was strongly advised to and I also don't want my older child seeing me crying when I can't feed his little brother anymore so have made the decision to give them a go
  • I take sertraline which means you can still breast feed, if that helps any

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