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worried for number reasons

I had chronic pnd after Ds2. He was a difficult baby who cried 24/7 for first 6m of his life. He never slept during day and was up 2hourly at night. I got to breaking point. I was treated with anti d that i took for 6m until his first birthday. I was coping well by then. Ds2 was sleeping better and during into an independent toddler. The crying had stopped. I cope well for 6m and then fell into a black hole. I was mean and nasty, not sleeping, grumpy and suffering terrible anxiety. I pushed a lot of people away and shut people out. Including the girls from my original be forum. I am not proud of any of my behavior, i couldn't cope with life. most of my friends understood and have welcomed me back with open arms. Some however have shut me out and deleted me from fb etc. That hurts. Just wondered if anyone had any advice on how to move forward? It is nearly a year since my breakdown. i was treated with anti d again but they made me so ill i only took a few. I took myself off the pill and without hormones my mood lifted. i am now pg with my 3rd and final baby. Am worried history Will repeat itself. I don't want to push my remaining friends away! Or spoil the relationships i have through be. Any advice? image thanks Xxx


  • Hi, I don't think I can help much but I was recently dignosed with PND with my first baby, 3m +. My understanding is that once developed your are more suseptible to get it with future pregnancies. However as you are aware of the problem I'd recommend discussing with gp, mw, hv etc yout previous trouble so stuff can be put in place to help prevent a reoccurance or at least tame it. Its hard to tell people you are struggling but if you do get it again perhaps if you tell those important to you that you are suffering and ask them to be patient you won't push people away. Anyone who knows you have an illness and doesn't dupport you is quite frankly not worth keeping around. Hope this helps a little xxx

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