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Can't cope

I'm exactly the same. My daughter is 3 next week and i have a 3 week old as well. I have never felt as though i have bonded with my daughter and therefore, i cant bear to be around her. However, its completely different with my newborn, i hate anyone wanting to see him or cuddle him, etc. I just want us to be together, with all the doors closed on our own.

My daughter has always been quite demanding of my time and is very boisterous and loud and im finding it very difficult to cope with her and a newborn. I feel like walking out at times, and just getting in my car and driving away.

I have no-one that i can talk to and my Husband just shouts at me telling me to get a grip or grow up. He doesnt want to sit and listen to how i actually feel.

People always talk of the joys of motherhood.......after 3 years and 2 kids, i'm still waiting for these joys.

I hope you have good support around you JazX and that feel better soon xxx





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