Delayed baby blues?

Hi there mommies.

My little girl is 8 months old( almost 9 months) and when i gave birth I was a big mess. I cried all the time and I was constantly down and wanted to sleep. I love my little girl and I as much as i wanted to curl up in a ball hide myself in the cupboard and just cry, I knew I had to look after her as she needed me. I got myself together but it just keeps crawling back at me lately.

To make matters worse My first mother's day something i felt so excited about was absolutely disappointing as hubby did no effort at all until he saw how hurt i was and how i ignored him most of the day. Its not about spoiling me or anything as I know we have a super tight budget. But the smallest effort would have meant the world to me.. ( like a hand made card)

I've been feeling out of sorts for about 2 weeks now and its starting to get to me now. I am down and i want to cry alot. This morning when my husband dropped me off at work i felt like running away. I haven'f felt like this before and i dont want my little girl so suffer for my feeling so down.

Is there any other mommies that are feeling the same?

Am I just been over sensitive?



  • I didn't want to read and run. You might well have PND - and you never know when it's gonna strike or hit you. Please go see your GP lovely, talk to them, and maybe get some anti depressants to help you feel more level. 

    BTW my mother's day was pretty crappy too, so you're not alone on that one. 

  • I wrote the post below this one "Do I have pnd?" take a read of mine and see what similarities if any you have of how I am feeling. Sounds like there are a few. Everyone experiences it differently, I was adamant I didn't have it and that it was just a phase of feeling down. I went to the doctors for something completely different the other day but as soon as she said what can I do for you I burst in to tears and ended up showing her my post because I couldnt talk. She said I tick all the boxes and she's given me medication. I'm still not convinced I have it and I'm finding it hard to accept everything but it's definitely worth going to speak to someone, even if they tell you that actually you're okay and it is fucking hard but you are doing a great job! xx

  • Thank you, i think i will go see someone to talk this through. it really feels like its nothing and then i all of a sudden I feel like I just can't do all this mommy stuff. 

    Some days i feel like such a failure as a mommy and a wife. Does is get better? 

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