Panick disorder

I have a Panick disorder and it is horrible! It usto be really bad before I had my baby I couldnt go outside and whenever I did I would panick so much I would be sick and have a panick attack and would feel like I would faint!

It really was awful since I have had my baby my panick disorder has gone really down but when she was first born I panicked a lot when she would go to sleep! But that went after a week or so but sometimes I still get it I want her to meet other babies to play and learn more but I panick around new people and feel like a weirdo lol and I’m scared if I tell them I have panick disorder they might think I’m really weird so I just keep my distance so I don’t panick but I feel selfish because I want her to be around babies! What should I do?

I go out with her everyday for walks to the park and shops but it’s just me and her and I do get lonely but I find it hard to make new friends because I’m a very social person but my panick disorder ruins that for me sometimes I get depressed but it’s rarely and it’s not because of her it’s because of me and the panicking

I just want to be able to grow some balls lol and go out there a lot of my family tell me I’m wasting my life away not doing much but they don’t mean it in a horrible way just in a get out there more way and I’m scared that I’m going to be an old lady regretting not getting out there more! And having fun!

im quite a shy person at first but after a couple of mins im a bubbly fun loving person! And because I’m a young mum it makes it worse because I’m still young!

I don’t really have any friends because they are the same age as me 21 when I had my baby they just disappeared it really upset me but I know I need to make new friends but just find it hard because I feel like at my age people just stick to her own groups and keep to themselves

I came off social media because everyone was going out having fun and I just felt left out to Be honest and also because I don’t want to be sitting on my phone all day while I have a baby because social media can Be addictive 


  • Sorry you've been suffering - have you been to see your GP about this? That's what i would do first of all and maybe get on an antidepressant. 

    Also, there are a few apps that might help you meet other mums in your area - one called Peanut and one called Mush - check them out, cause there's probably loads of mums, same age as you feeling just as lonely x

  • I have been on antidepressants and panick disorder tablets before but because of the panicking i think I’ll be sick because whenever I would take tablets I would Be Sick so now I panick that I will be sick so bad to the point I be sick so I just don’t take them but it isn’t the depression because it is very rare and it only last for like 20 mins and then I’m fine be again it’s just the lonely part but I will check them out and thanks for replying x

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