Feeling low


i do not think it is pd but i wasnt sure what other topic to put it under. So i am sorry if i posted in wrong section!  I just would like to talk really about how im feeling. 

I am not very good at talking to people about it That i know. I feel a bit low, i feel like i am not good enough that i am not doing a good job, feel like i am not being a good wife and feel a little bit lost where to go and how to snap out of it. My husband reasures me, which helps for a little but the feeling comes back. 

My lb who is one, makes me so happy and fills me with so much love and happiness but then all of a sudden ill have like a sad feeling like i want to cry or that im not good enough. 

I feel like when i talk to people they dont understand how much it effects me or how low i feel sometimes. Its mainly my fault as im not great at comunicating how i feel. I feel ungrateful because i have such a beautiful life with great support and lots of love yet i feel at times low and not know what to do with myself. 

I do have ocd have done since i can remember i suffer with horrible thoughts and worries, and when i feel low and tired it comes out more, which makes me feel worse. 

can anyone else relate at all with feeling like this? 

Thank you in advance! God Bless! 


  • Hi there, i just wanted to say, what you are describing sounds quite like depression - but please don't despair. Please go see your GP and explain how you are feeling - help is at hand, and maybe think about some anti-depressants (if the GP suggests this) or maybe some counselling? x

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