A study into Postnatal Depression in new fathers.

Hello All!

Lets start with a little background on me... My name is Rose, i'm 21 years old and i'm an undergraduate student at Loughborough in my Final Year at Uni! I'm study design and for my final project I have chosen to design a product to help new fathers with Postnatal depression, which is why I am reaching out to you all on this platform for any help you can give!

I am studying postnatal depression and how this affects families and individual people. I would really like to unearth how new dads feel in their first year of fatherhood, what changes in their lifestyle they might encounter and how they reacted to this. I also am intrigued into how they acted and felt towards their new baby and partner; was anything different/unusual? Did he show any obvious signs of depression?

If any of you have any stories or have observed anything interesting about your partners during this first year of being a father then I would love to hear them! I'm really interested in the emotional and physical stresses/changes this could've entailed.

Can't wait to hear what you super mums have to say - thanks so much! imageimageimage

Rose x 

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