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imageHi can anyone offer some good advice please?

My Daughter is 2.5 and started potty training really easily about 2/3 months ago. We haven't had any accidents and don't even need to remind her to 'go'.

The only problem is when we go out and she's in pull up's she never asks to go to the toilet and uses her pull up's as she would do a nappy.

 Should I just keep asking her when we're out or will she just 'get the hang' of it eventually?

Any advice will be much appreciated!



  • I was also did this as it was easier then accidents but when i have the time and no one to meet or nothing to do i would take riley out in his pants with spare clothes and make sure i knew where all the toilets were and just stay out fr a short while,i dont drive and we bus it everywhere so i would try and make him go before we got on the bus,but i have seen people put a potty under the buggy incase(or you can get the collapasable one with throw away liners).
  • Hi Becky, i would just go for it. put her in pants whilst out and take spare clothes. it sounds like shes doing great at home, so no need to do anything different whilst out.

    hope it all goes well for you. let us know how it goes.

    kas xx

  • hi i only trained isabel couple of weeks ago and was so nervous about taking her outside but i have done it all this week and i think its really helped her. some kids get on fine with pull ups but isabel just got confused and would tell me she had a nappy on! now i dont leave the house with out the potty spare pants and trousers/skirt but no accident yet ouside! i do tend to ask her more then i would at home tho.
  • Thank you to everyone for your excellent advice. We have had a few accidents this week but we will keep going! This forum is brilliant, much better than some I have used. You are all very helpful and kind for taking the time to help. Thanks again. I really appreciate it and will let you know how she gets on.

    LOL image

  • Im just about to start potty training my 2 year old any tips.
  • I tried potty training my little girl when she'd just turned 2. It didn't work very well, lots of accidents. We decided to leave it a little while and a few weeks later she basically trained herself! I haven't needed to remind  her she just uses her potty by herself. It's been harder when we go out, but a couple of weeks later - she's cracked it and has done so well.

    My best advice is to wait until your little one gives you some indication that they are ready. It will make it easier for both of you. I also put out  2 potties - one upstairs and one downstairs and talked to her about them and what they are for,  so she knew 'all about potties' before actually using them.

    Good luck xxx 

  • Hi i have been trying to train my 2 1/2year old twins for around three weeks now and have had great success at home with no accidents with my little boy as he knows where the potty is and just goes when he needs to,but we are having problems when we try to go out of the house as he gets very upset when he has an accident and doesnt want his wet things removed.

    we have never told them off for accidents and always given lots of praise for success and after an accident we just gently remind him to ask for his potty or the toilet but we just cant get him to understand that there is no need for tears and we can just change his clothes and he can carry on with what he is doing i just dont know what to do next

    my little girl has no intrest in potty trainning she knows when she needs to go as she will ask for a nappy to be put on and just screams if we ask her to try using the potty so we have now backed of with her for now as we dont know what to do with her  

    Any help will be much appreciated!

  • Hi

     I am just about to start with my 3rd child.  My advice from previous experience is don't use pull ups.  They only confuse them.  I know it is worrying about going out without a nappy etc but it is the only way she will learn.  When we were out I just took them every time I was near a toilet, soon she will like going to toilets in malls etc (if she is like my 2 daughters, they still like a good nosey!!).  You will probably get the odd accident,  usually when you are standing in a shop queue and there are no toilets to be seen.  My daughters accidents were usually when they were in the garden having too much fun to come in and go.  Just make sure you take extra clothes, wipes and maybe a potty for long car journeys. Just keep asking, asking asking, even if they say they don't need I used to just say "lets try anyway" and they usually did do it.

     Fingers crossed she will pick it up real easy and you will wonder what you were worrying about.

    Take care and good luck.  I am about to start with my first son, they say boys are harder so I will probably be back on here asking other people for advice!!!!

  • I don't exactly like pull-ups as i too think it is confusing but due to it been winter outside i guess it's the only way to prevent chilly, chapped legs. In our town we have limited baby change facilities and the public toilets arent what you would call great. If Ethan was to have an accident whilst out it would disrupt our whole trip out to the point where we would probably have to go home. I do try to put Ethan in underpants whenever i can but on trips out in the cold i have to opt for pull up's.

    I actually think Ethan is a bit young to potty train but he insists he will use the toilet and won't wear a nappy so i guess he;s the boss!

  • Hi pinkpiglet

    How old is he? sounds like he is deffinatley telling you he is ready

    my little boys is doing well and i should also be trying to get out more in pants but im finding it hard to make a real go of it we do it when going to our childrens centre as its less than a two min walk

    but if we have to go to the shops for anything its a bus ride in to town i think if i only had the one toddler i would be finding it easier but having the two i need my hands free and cant be carrying a potty around as i need to hold both of them

    hope things get easier for you


  • the prob with pull ups is that they are just nappies. I say bite the bullet and leave the pull ups at home. If she knows she doesnt have to go the toilet then she wont. Kids will always go for the easy way.
  • Ethan will still let me know that he needs the toilet when he is wearing pull-ups but it is so cold brrrrrrrrrrrr that if he does have an accident in normal pants then i may not be able to get him changed quickly. I have risked it just nipping out in the car to visit family or friends or up to the local shops but i could not risk it on longer trips just yet. I was planning to start him in the spring/summer as he was only 2 yesterday but Ethan had is own plans. Don't they always! lol
  • Ahh bless him and its so hard as you dont want to hold him back but you dont want him getting cold either

    i have felt i was holding josh back when shannon was showing no interest but now she is starting to catch up i really should be trying harder to do it more as i will be holding the both back otherwise.

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