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my son is starting nursey 2x a week once he is 2 in jan, they dont mind him not potty trained but will only take him in pull ups, what ones can anyone reecommend?>


  • I've only used the boots own ones but we've not used them that often but had no probs with them when we have
  • I like huggies ones as they have a little picture that dissapears when they wet it. Sometimes with pampers ones i found it really hard to see whether my wee one had wet it or not. Also its worked well for telling him that if the picture is still there he is doing well and he gets excited to see it. I also found some cheaper ones leaked if they did have a wee in them which in reality they do to begin with , def go for huggies i say xxxxx
  • ok i try them, my lil one is slim round waist i hope they ok.
  • Huggies little walkers are just like pullups but more absorbent. They fit my 2yr old better - i found the pullups abit big on her. Shes potty trained now so we just use them for bed but before she was dry i used little walkers to get her used to pullups and they were great.
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