Trouble with 3+ year old potty training - help?!

I need any help that people can send my way as I have a 3+1/2 year old who has learning difficulties due to a bubble that was in his head when he was born, my health visitor has confirmed he has the mental age of a 2 year old. I have been potty training him since he was 2 and still have not got him into pants, this is causing huge diificulties as he is suppose to be going to pre-school but most the pre-schools here will only take the children if they are in pants and can wipe their own bottoms.

My son always says that he doesn't need the toilet when I ask him if he needs it and sometime screams when I do put him on the toilet.

Does anyone have any advice for me please???


  • hi

    have you spoken to the pre-school your son will be goin to as he has a metal age of 2 they may say he can go in pull-up as i know they do it the pre-school my daughter is going hope this helps xx image
  • Hi,

    not yet as I can't find a pre-school for him to go to, I was waiting for my child minder to build her new pre-school building but it's taking too long and he may not have a definite place and now all the pre-schools in my area are full up, but thank you for the information.
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