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we are starting to potty train our 2 year old girl. She is 'ticking all the boxes' as such for being ready so we took the lunge, read all the books, got all the stuff and started yesterday like it said with giving her big girl pants, reading potty books with her (which she loves), stickers and all...

She tells us when she wants to wee, she sits on the potty and also likes the loo seat on the toilet too (we let her choose which one she wants to sit on) and then it all goes wrong - she gets upset sitting on it longer than 2 mins even though she doesn't go. She then wants cuddles for a while and her nappy back on.

I do not want her getting a fear or getting constipated (so far today she has said she needs a poo and will repeat the above but nothing comes out. she is getting very upset...

I have no idea what to do - the books don't say what to do if they refuse to let loose (so to speak...)

Any tips?

would you say this is a sign that she is infact not ready? would you forget the whole thing for a few weeks/months then try again? or is that very confusing?????

Help please, my mum is useless at telling me what to do as when she potty trained us she had us sitting on a potty at 6 months after each meal. None of my friends have babies older than my little girl to give me advice and I don't find the books are helping with this.

help! xxxx :?


  • I haven't reached that stage yet in terms of introducing lo to the toilet. Only got as far as the potty. so my advice may be way wrong. I agree with mums being useless - as mine is exactly the same and I feel a bit lost too sometimes.

    But if I was in your shoes and the potty was going well, but not the toilet, I would be inclined to leave the toilet for a week and just concentrate on the potty.

    Also, I would also keep mentioning the toilet periodically and take her into the loo whilst you sit on the toilet. Then ask her if she wants to sit on the big girls toilet and once she has said yes, then go ahead and try again.

    good luck
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