Potty Training

We've decided that LO is obviously showing signs he's ready so going to bite the bullet and commence potty training on Sunday. i've got a potty and lots of new pants, which he chose, and have ordered a couple of children's books about it, and 2 seats for the toilet, so he doesn't fall down!

fingers crossed we'll get on ok. Anyone else started?

C. x


  • Hi Cas,

    How old is you LO? I want to start with K soon but am not sure she (nor I) am quite ready. She is 20 months and I was thinking about starting in a month or so but now might wait until later in the year when she turns 2. She tells me when she has done a poo or is about to and goes towards her nappy changing place when it needs changing so I tihnk it won't be long. We are just giving her nappy free time and trying to 'catch' anything that might occur image

  • Riley has been trained for a couple weeks now. He started around his 2nd birthday and we just took it gradually and was done in a few weeks. Poo's are a bit of a trauma at the minute as I think he just gets anxious about going and tries to hold it in until it (tmi!) pretty much drops out! So it's just that we have to work on now!

    Good luck x
  • My 27 month old has been trained also for last couple of weeks and we are also have problems with poos - keeps doing them in her pants. couple of time caught her in mid flow and put her on the potty and she has finished the rest off in potty.

    We are becoming a bit more confident with going out, but still only going to places with a toilet, or not far from home, but taking the potty with us.

    Anyone else ventured out yet?
  • I was anxious to go out at first with pants, but ds has been fine with it no accidents when out yet. I always ask if he wants to go for a wee before we leave, most of the time he says no! And there's usually always somewhere nearby with a toilet. It's surprising how long he can hold it for though now compared to when we first started training him. x
  • We've had a go and decided to put it on hold for now. I tried on sunday last week, letting him choose pants, showing him the toilet and how it flushes and we had one wee in the toilet, one in the potty and three on the floor! Then he kept going and getting nappies, and di the same on Monday and Tuesday with my hubby! So I might do a session again next weekend and keep doing it that way and extending the time without until he's pretty much without all day!

    i don't want to rush but then worried we'll take too long and we'll pass the age when he's most ready!
  • I think my 21month is readyish but not 100% sure how exactly do you know he tells me he's poo'd and points to his nappy alot which I think is when he may be weeing but not sure he would get it yet. What are the signs?

  • i think they need to understand the feeling of needing a wee or a poo, but other signs are showing an interest in you using the toilet, saying 'nappy', 'wee' or 'poo' or similar, telling you when they've done something.....!

    I've also bought a couple of books for him which talk about potties. One is really good called Pirate Pete's Potty, and you get to help Pete choose his big boy pants, and his potty etc.
  • When i decided to train my little boy he was 2yrs and 5 months. He was at this point showing no interest in using the potty - i did have one and we had an occassional sit on it but i wasnt very consistant and he never told me that he needed changing.

    He was however a very good talker and had no problems with communication. Because he had always had a nappy on and id never really let him run around without one he didnt know what it felt like to have a wee and be wet. So day one i expained that he was now wearing big boy pants and we werent going to have anymore nappys. The first day we had about 4 accidents in the space of a couple of hours but i didnt expect anything less. By day 3 he just got it! infact we even went to soft play and had no accidents, i took the potty with me and took him every half hour or so. The one thing i did find was that my son hated to sit down on the potty so he learnt to do it the proper big boys way and do it standing up :lol:

    I never put another nappy on him during the day and after a few nights he was asking to go to the toilet rather than wee in his nappy. At this point i switched to pull ups and he just thought these were pants and kept them dry and it was easier for me to just pull them up rather than having to re sticker a nappy.

    We did have a few problem with poos however but because we were consistant it just clicked.

    I would only give it a go if youve got the time to do it properly, i think it just confuses them if you keep switching back to nappies and i would also only attempt it if you lo can communicate and understand things in general -not just wether they know they are weeing but if they can follow instructions and you can explain whats going to happen and they can understand what you are saying.

    Good luck!
  • Miss Strawberrie - what time do you give your lo his night time milk now and when does he go to bed? I have switched his milk to before bath, but need to bring it forward it even more, but she has tea at 6pm, and bed by 7.15pm, so not sure how I can fit milk in as well.
  • Miss Strawberrie - what time do you give your lo his night time milk now and when does he go to bed? I have switched his milk to before bath, but need to bring it forward it even more, but she has tea at 6pm, and bed by 7.15pm, so not sure how I can fit milk in as well.
  • He doesnt really have any bedtime milk anymore and i cant remember exactly when he stopped :lol:

    He gets a bottle of milk at nursey so im not bothered about trying to get milk in to him - he started only drinking a few mouthfuls and never noticed when i put him to bed one night without it.

    To be honest he always woke up when he needed a wee regardless wether he had a lot to drink. At first he used to wake up wriggling his legs and crying out - not quite awake enough to tell me he needed a wee but after a couple of nights i figured it out :roll:

    Iv heard of a lot of people waking they Lo's up to take them to the toilet when they went to bed but i never did that as i wanted him to wake up and recognise the feeling of needing to go.

    He has his tea about 5.30pmish and juice with that and his cup is left out (though he would ask if he wanted a drink and there wasnt one there) and we go up to get in the bath about 6.45pm and settled down in bed after a story by 7.30pm.

    One thing i would say is when we had that hot weather last summer he wanted a drink by the bed and definately was up weeing a lot more!
  • I've been following this thread closely as i really think my daughter is ready - but am struggling already! She is 2 years 2 months and is very good communicator. I have been letting her go around with no nappy on - she hasn't had any accidents, but she wont sit on the potty or toilet. When she wants to go she just asks for a nappy to go back on and gets upset if we dont so i end up putting one on her. The other day she was without nappy for 2 hours (!!!) without weeing, but by the end was clearly desperate to go just wouldn't sit on the potty. Should i persevere?? she obviously has the capability to stop herself from going and is able to hold it in and knows when she needs to go - its just the potty / toilet fear!

    Should i keep going?? or wait a few more weeks?? any insight appreciated!
  • Will she sit on the potty or toilet fully clothed? i had bought a cheap potty which was white and boring and to be honest a bit small as his legs looked all scrunched up - he never seemed comfortable. Once id established he prefered to wee standing up (i know this isnt an option for little girls :lol: ) i had a problem when he needed a poo!

    So i took him along to Mothercare and let him choose a chair type one himself. You can buy all sorts of all singing all dancing ones! and when we first started he got a gold star to stick on the potty and a magic star to eat and after a few days we just weaned him off the stars but just gave him loads of praise.

    If she knows when she needs to go and can hold it in i would say she is definatley ready. perhaps up her liquid intake so she is more desperate to go?? and dont get too upset if she wees on the floor etc as she may just need to get over the comfort of having a nappy there? I had to get down on the floor and cuddle in to my little boy just to reassure him for the first couple of poo's! :roll:

    I know it doesnt really help but after a little while it just clicked for him... and he was obsessed with sprays and used to love helping me spray the dettol in the potty before i rinsed it out!
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