should I carry on or go back??

Hi ladies

Looking to tap into your experienced heads for some advice for my 23 month old girl.

She has been very good at telling us she wants a wee or a poo for some time now. she also holds her wee for hours on end and is happy to sit on the potty, so we have attempted training this week.

We have just completed day 5 and I would say we are getting 50% in the potty. Do you think this is positive for this stage?

She will ask to sit on the potty some times and perform straight away, then other times get up after seconds saying she doesnt need to go anymore, then pees on the floor 2 mins later!

Its so hard! Would you say this is signs perhaps she is not ready? We already reverted back to nappies for a week when we first started as she was poorly, but I dont want to keep going back and forth all the time and confuse her even more!

HELP!! xxx


  • Hiya,

    I would stick it out a while longer if you can as day 5 is still early days. If she is getting stressed about it then perhaps then it might be worth considering nappies again but if she seems fairly unconcerned then she's probably just getting used to it (and she's also still quite young). My son has been potty training for 3 weeks now, he's 28 months, got weeing within a week but poos have taken longer - think we are starting to crack it now but it's taken time!

    hope that helps

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