please help........

sorry for the begging im a father of a 2yr 4 month old and he is the greatest ever, cept his abilty to say no/stuborness (wonder where he gets thats) we have started potty training but he gets extremely distressed over sitting on the potty and im getting distressed over his age! .......... he is superb at doing what he wants...

he can distinguish between a helicopter and an aeroplane or a clean bus /dirty bus etc ( its a boook please dont ask me to explain lol) .......... but he gets extremely distressed when trying to get him to do the loo on a potty. he knows what to do he says he has 'spilt it' when wetting but put him on the potty and it is an auto shut off valve ,he also hates staying still, sitting etc any help please, is he ready should we put nappies back on him


  • Hello, my son was the same age when we started potty training and didn't want to sit on the potty so we tried the toilet with a training seat and that was much more successful - worth a try perhaps!
  • I think you should stop worrying. He is still really little and boys on average tend to be nearly 3 before they are dry. I would let him come to it in his own time. He is obviously developing really well and remember children excel in different areas at different times. Let him come to it when he is ready. He sounds like he is nearly ready anyway so just stand back and allow him to explore it in his own time.

    Maybe try nappy off time at certain times in the day. My daughter was 2years and 6 months when she was dry ( girls tend to do this earlier than boys). We started rewarding a wee in the potty with a small treat ( food item ) . Then only gave it for poos. Then only at the end of the day if she did well. Some wouldn't agree with this but it worked for us. She is not getting any treats now as we just weaned them away.

    Good luck and be assured your son will be dry in his own time and he is doing really well.
  • I am also training my boy!  i am just starting, so i put a potty chair available for him, and started playing games witht the potty, and also started reading him stories about the the way, i found a great app called potty training learing with the animals.

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