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Is it too early to put him in pants for bedtime?

My little boy is 22 months and fully potty trained. He pretty much trained himself and it took little input from me and his dad to get him there.

He has been wearing pants in the day time for a couple of weeks now with no accidents at all.

I have noticed that during this time he has been pretty much completely dry when he wakes up in the mornings aswell. (He wears a nappy to bed still).

He takes himself off the the loo the second he wakes up, and also just before bed. He drinks plenty during the day, and has his last one with his dinner.

Do you think I should start putting him in pants for bed? It seems so early, he is only One bless him. His brother is Five and still wets the bed most nights.

I dont want to feel like I'm pushing him so young, but he seems to be so fast at all this!


  • Hi!

    I dont think its too early at all. You said he has been fully potty trained for a while, and, more importantly, he's often dry in the mornings. When you say pants, do you mean proper pants or training pants?

    My son is 2.5 and potty trained during the day, but still wears nappies at night time. This is due to the fact that he still likes to have milk at bedtime, which will be stopped soon! He is fine when napping, so I'm confidant that when he stops his milk at bedtime he'll be fine through the night too.

    It definitely sounds like your little one is ready though!

    Alice x
  • my dd1 was the same as this. so one night i bite the bullet and asked her if she wanted a nappy or big girl pants for bed, she said pants and has only ever wet the bed once! she is now 6 and was 26 months when dry day and night.

    you could always get a protective sheet for his bed for the first few months just incase. its called a kylie which goes over top of normal sheet and im planning on getting one for lizzie when she is ready to be potty trainedx
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