Potty training!

Hi ladies,

My son is 2 and i have been trying to introduce him to the potty. He is having none of it much to my frustration! He had his 2 year check this week and the health visitor tols me not to worry he is obviously not ready! That's fine but i have an awful feeling he is going to be in nappies for a while yet!

Any tips???

Danielle xx


  • Hi

    When you're just at home have him without a nappy on and try getting him to sit on potty. (You can physically put him on there!) when he sits on there praise him alot and if he does a wee or poo on there you might like to offer small reward?

    If he's not interested in sitting on potty then juust let him be without nappy but always have potty there so he gets used to it. If he starts to wee on floor or wherever then pick him up and put him on.

    If he has a large-ish teddy you could try sitting that on potty and incorporating it into his play.

    With my son i had the potty out and him without nappy for a long time before i seriously started potty training.

    I always made a really big fuss if he did a wee on there and he used to like to join in with "hooray!" as loud as he could! If he did a poo (this was more difficult, he used to hold it in and not poo for days coz didnt like to do it on porrty at first) then i would say he gets something "really special" which was a small sweet like a dolly mixture... I know lots of people would disagree and recommend you use a sticker chart or something, but it worked for us image

    Anyway, I know it seems really daunting and like it'll go on forever but it doesnt and its actually not that bad! When actually started potty training he took to it straight away and hardley ever wet himself.

    Good luck, but you'll be fine anyway x x
  • no tips as about to start myself. My son is 29 months and we tried a few months ago but he showed no interest so we didn't take it any further. I now feel he is more ready and he has had a couple of wees on the potty and we've made a fuss of him. I've started sitting him on it before his bath, and the other day he sat on it and got up almost immediately, so I said no getting up until you've done a wee, or words to that effect and he did a wee straight away!

    We've bought him some Thomas pants - he loves Thomas! - and I've downloaded a sticker chart, just need to buy some stickers. I also bought him a book a while ago called Pirate Pete's Potty and it has a button which cheers and he's been really interested this week in it, so think we're going to do some training over the weekend!Every evening when we read it, he goes and gets his potty and pulls his nappy down to sit on it!
  • Thanks girls!

    The other problem is he hates having his nappy off to!! He will really cry and have a tantrum! I have tried putting

    " big boy pants on " but he just holds his wee or poo for ages then wets himself :roll: . Maybe i am stressing to much about it all?? the health visitor did say to leave him a while longer!!! :?


  • He does sound like he's not interested and if you force him he may go the other way. If he's only two I'd leave him a while. My HV says the average age is 2 1/2 but knows of children who have been 3 before ready.
  • Think i will leave it a while longer! Nappies are so expensive and he drinks a lot through the day so i am finding myself going through a lot every week :roll: . Still he will do it in his own time ( i hope! )

    Danielle xx
  • Attractive shape and bright colour potty training seat helps children get accustomed to the new object, there potty, and start to recognize it as their own. Creating smiles of joy and appreciation is what we love best.

  • i would instead recomend you to start introducing the potty, and playing games, and reading stories about potty training....also, i also dowloaded a great potty training app called potty training learning with the animals....that will definitelly make it succesfull and easily!

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