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wearing trousers / pants and weeing!

Hi everyone,

Well, after a couple of false starts, we are making progress with the potty training. DS is 2 1/2 and we have decided to take a very relaxed approach to him potty training and allow him to lead us. So he will wee in the potty frequently but only when he has no bottoms on. As soon as I put 'big boy' pants on or leave his pyjamas on, he will just wee in them. I tell him over and over if you need to wee pull them down and go on the potty or the toilet but he won't. He knows when he needs to wee as we dont have any accidents when he's got nothing on, and he knows how to pull them up and down as I always ask him to help when he's getting dressed so why won't he do it when he needs to wee.

any suggestions? I want to start taking him out and have a travel potty already but am too worried I'm going to spend most of the trip changing him. I do as supernanny says and leave him in the wet stuff and don't rush to change him, or shout at him....Do you think this will come with time, or should I be doing something else. I'm due another baby in January and would really like potty training to be as established as possible!
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