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hi, potty training forum seems quite quiet so I thought i'd post in here.

we are potty training our DD. She has now been dry for three days. She will not however poo on the potty or loo. she tells us she needs to go, sits on loo, then says it is staying in her tummy, then a little while later she comes to say she's done it in her pants...

not sure what to do - stickers and even offer of choc hasn't worked... any tips?



  • have you tried reading a book whilst she is on there, so she has time to sit there til it has done? i have the opposite-lizzie will poo on potty but not wee!
  • We've just had two days of DS saying he needs a poo and doing it on the toilet. He refuses to do it on the potty but i'm just happy he's not doing it in a nappy or his pants. He's been weeing on the potty for a couple of weeks now but knowing that poos take longer we didn't rush him. However we did start telling him when we were going for a no. 2. The first couple of times he told us he wanted to poo, he would sit but nothing happened, but I read somewhere that if you encourage them to blow bubbles they can't hold the poo in. i don't know if this works as we didn't have any bubbles but I did blow on his face a few times until he blew back. Then we sat and sang nursery rhymes for a little while and eventually he went. Then of course lots of praise, an extra sticker and cuddles afterwards.

    The only issue we have now is he will wee on the potty when he has no pants on but as soon as we put pants on him, he wees in them!
  • thanks!

    so today was another totally dry day - yey!

    Now for a bit TMI....

    Poo-ing wise, I kept reminding her, she ended up trying to poo for ages - we read a book, we blew bubbles and sang songs. She would get off the potty saying it was staying in her tummy then two mins later she'd say she needed a poo and would sit on potty again for ages... feel like we've been on the darn thing all day!

    At one point she did a very small one so I praised her LOADS and she was really proud of herself, rang daddy and had a chocolate coin and a sticker.

    Then she kept on trying all afternoon as she said there was more in her tummy, eventually it came out in her pants.... she got a bit upset (the other days she hasn't minded it was in her pants so is it a good thing she got upset as she knows it should go in the potty or is it a bad thing she got upset????)

    I told her not to worry and that we will try again tomorrow, and I praised her for trying.

    I hope I am doing this right? Maybe now she's done it once it may come out easier tomorrow? we will see.

    Any more tips welcome xx
  • hi,

    I am utterly excited she did it! She pooped on her potty!!!!

    So pleased, maybe I was worrying too soon... I hope now she's done it once she'll do it again!

    Day 5 of potty training and I think we've cracked it! fingers crossed x
  • poo's take longer they did with our son. In the end we suggested he take a toy or something with him and he did. they soon started coming.
  • another totally dry and clean day! I feel like we've cracked it!! x
  • me again!

    spoke too soon - today she was amazing when we went out and had lots of wees on potty, then this pm had a wee in pants followed by poo in pants... then tonight back to wees on potty...

    it is so confusing.... feels so frustrating and stressful when you know they can do it!

    we'll get there, we are just giving LOADS of praise when she is successful and not making too much of a deal when accidents happen. hope that is right?
  • All my friends have had the same problem. Abby was dry within 24 hours of starting potty training! image She also pooed on the toilet as well for the first 2 weeks but then regressed to her pants. It took about another month and nothing worked but then suddenly it happened. It seems to be a really common problem. Don't stress it will happen.

    H xx
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