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this is a nightmare can anybody help!!!!

my two and a half year old wants to use the toilet but doesnt want to actually do anything in it all she does is sit on it for a couple seconds and then says no cant go she will get of and 2 seconds later wet or dirty her self i thought maybe she wasnt ready but she refuses to were the nappy now wat can i do iv tried the treats i dont want to punish her for having an accident cuz i think dat would just put her off i dont know wat else to do ive tried staying in and taking her every 20 mins but that doesnt seem to make a difference she just seems happy enough to wet herself she does tell me straight away when shes wet though i really havent got a clue wat to do plz help . . . . . . . . also how do i manage if i need to go out with her any help would be appreciated !!!


  • why don't you try pull ups for a bit? Still nappies but she may not realise she's wearing a nappy?

    We're a week into potty training and still having lots of accidents but some success too. My DS always tries to get off the toilet or potty before he's done anything so I tell him not yet, and then we sing a nursery rhyme or make funny faces at each other. More recently, everytime he wees or poos we make such a big fuss and give him a sticker, you can see he trying his hardest!
  • have you tried using a potty first and letting her go to the potty without going to the toilet have a potty with a cover in the room?

    Does she go to the toilet with you? Perhaps you can tell her that big girls like you use the toilet and perhaps get her to choose some big girl pants she can wear. Take her in with you and explain what we do when we go,so she understands what to do and what we do when we go

    I don't know if using pull ups will just be a step back as she'll think its ok to just wet herself

    hope this helps,does she go to the loo before bed and as soon as she gets up in the morning? Perhaps some special soap to wash her hands
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