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potty training nightmare

my two and a half year old wants to use the toilet but doesnt want to actually do anything in it all she does is sit on it for a couple seconds and then says no cant go she will get of and 2 seconds later wet or dirty her self i thought maybe she wasnt ready but she refuses to were the nappy now wat can i do iv tried the treats i dont want to punish her for having an accident cuz i think dat would just put her off i dont know wat else to do ive tried staying in and taking her every 20 mins but that doesnt seem to make a difference she just seems happy enough to wet herself she does tell me straight away when shes wet though i really havent got a clue wat to do plz help. . . . . . . also how do i manage if i need to go out any tips or tricks ladies??


  • Not sure if I can help especially as I havent ventured out without my son in a nappy yet, but with regards to the toilet issue...... My son did that a bit for a couple of weeks but we've now had a few poos in the toilet. The first couple of times he would want to get off after only a couple of minutes, and I let him. Then I started saying, no a bit longer please. I also sat on the floor by him and sang nursery rhymes with him and also tried blowing on his face and getting him to copy me, as I'd heard that if they blow bubbles they can't hold anything in. Then the more times he wee'd or poo'd the more he wanted to.

    Give it time, I'm sure your daughter will do it in her own time. My son is also 2 1/2 and only started to get potty training properly the last few weeks!
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