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going backwards not forwards!

Please someone tell me this is normal....?

Have been potty training my son for a few weeks now, he seemed to have got the hang of it and was only having a few accidents a day, mostly at nursery and when out and about but he's now having an accident almost every time. Nursery isn't too bad at the moment, only a couple of times a day and mostly no. 2's (which I know take longer!) but then I also know they're asking him every 20 minutes or so! At home he used to be quite good and would just go to the potty by himself or ask to go to the toilet but now even though he wants to go to the toilet, it seems like he doesn't recognise the signs until its too late. Then we either have an accident in his pants or a rush to the toilet / potty leaking all the way!

I'm due baby no. 2 in January and was really hoping to have had this sorted by then but we don't seem to be making any progress at the moment. His behaviour is also pretty bad - could it be related?

Anyone else go / going through something similar?


  • Am pleased to report that the last two days we've had very few accidents. Went back to my training books which said it was quite common to be doing well, then regress. So both morning hubby and I have taken his nappy off, taken him into the bathroom and shown him where the potty is and set his toilet seat up on the toilet with the step nearby and left the light on for him (he likes to switch it on himself which slows him down!). And we've not been reminding him! Gina Ford says that sometimes you can remind them too much and they have to take responsibility for themselves. And it's really been working!

    fingers crossed it'll continue!
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