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3 year old wetting herself!

Hi, I'm after some advice if anyone can help! My 3 yr old step-daughter has been out of nappies for a year, she had one accident but has been dry ever since, even at night.

Over the last month or so she has randomly just started weeing herself, she even pooed herself once. She just says "it's just an accident!" Has anyone else had this issue, it's like she's going backwards all of a sudden after doing so brilliantly for a year!

Her speech development is also very slow. I have spent a lot of time with her with picture books to help her increase her vocab but that has slowed down too, she is reverting to baby talk and crying instead of just saying what she wants.

We think her mum has taken her out of pre-school, I have a feeling this is affecting her development.


also posted in pre-schoolers!


  • Hi Sian.

    Does she know you are expecting? I have found that lots of my Reception class 'regress' when they think a baby is on its way. Some will even say its because they are the baby. Just an idea xXx
  • Hi hun, no she doesn't know yet. We're not going to say anything until there is a bump so that they (I have a 5 year old stepson as well) understand it more if that makes sense image Maybe she is psychic?! xx
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