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Is your lo potty trained? If so, is this regression or normal?

We've now entered out 12th week out of nappies and using the toilet and I really thought it would have been plain sailing by now, but I don't feel as if we've progressed much in the last 10 weeks and I don't know why....

We started accidentally when MissG was 25 months old as we left her to it one morning and she used the potty all by herself on several occasions. From there we followed Gina Fords 1 week plan and it all really did go well.

She's managed to string together a whole seven days of being dry and clean at around the 4th week.  Since then, she's never gone more than 4 days without an accident.

For the last couple of weeks it's been pretty much daily, sometimes with more than 1 in a day.  Yesterday was our worst day yet with 3 in a row and not a bit of effort made to reach the toilet.

I'm worried we've gone wrong somewhere and I don't know how to fix it.  She seems to be getting worse instead of better. I've tried out a few reward systems, but none seem to be incentive enough for her to go long term without accidents.

The number of pees in the toilet far out number the accidents, but surely after 12 weeks, she should be able to go longer between accidents?!?!

Am I expecting too much?  How many and how frequent should normal accidents be at this age?  I know to expect accidents on occasion up until 3 yrs, but what would you normalize as 'frequent' and 'occasional'.

I feel like I'm constantly hounding her about using the toilet - it's just a constant background siren in my life right now and I really thought that by this stage it would be easier.

Any advice?


  • Hi , we are on week 2 with ds also doing gina Ford, have had only 1 accident free day. Cry! I hear you with the constant reminders! Been reading the book again says stop reminding them? Let them take some responsibility for their toilet management. Not sure if you want to try this but if you do can you let me know how you get on?

    Good luck from a desperate mummy! X
  • Hiya!

    Yes, I've tried on several days to keep quiet, but the results are pretty much the same.  She does generally take the initiative to go herself, but on other occasions it doesn't matter if I remind her or not, she will still have an accident.

    I should try keeping quiet as it's most annoying when I've just asked her if she needs a pee ('No!'), then pees herself less than a minute later.

    I've reintroduced chocolate as a bribe today and so far so good, but I hate resorting to chocolate rewards.  It means I can't treat her to chocolate at other times - which means I can't treat myself either (which sucks!).

    Hope your lo gets on well.



  • So...

    About three weeks ago, I shut up completely and didn't mention anything about going to the toilet at all and made a nice fuss if she went in the toilet and didn't make any fuss at all if she didn't.

    I felt it was all going well.  We strung a few dry days together on a few occasions, but then Friday hit...  6 accidents!!

    Then Sunday - she pooed on the carpet!  She's not had a poo accident for months!

    What's went wrong?  I don't understand the psychology of potty training.

    Stressed and not getting better.  Any more advice???

  • Well, I have persevered and things seem to be settling back down again.

    I threatened her with nappies and on two occasions put a nappy on her.  Both times, they lasted until she needed a pee and she just took it off and went to the loo and peed!

    She's been doing great lately, with two lots of four dry days strung together.  No more poo incidents, thankfully.

    Amazingly, she has now gone almost two weeks completely dry at night!

    I'm not saying I'm out of the woods yet, but I'd say we've finally made good progress.

    Thanks for all the advice.



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