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what can I do to help / fix this?



I hope some one can advise me! My DS is 2 years 9 months . We started potty training 2 weeks ago using Gina Fords 7 day guide. He is definately ready, dry nappy after naps, knows when he poos , can pull own trousers up and down , and will sit on the potty, reasonably willingly. 

It started ok and we quickly made progress with wee wees on the potty,  by the end of week one we were down to 2 / 3 accidents a day with one day of 1 accident.  However he will not poo on the potty and continually does it in his pants!

This week he has gone down hill and just seems to have lost interest, gets distracted and forgets to go. We had been putting him on potty ever half an hour but he is 'bored' with being asked and now ansers Noooo dont need wee , then promptly wets. The poos are not getting any better. 

We have been using a reward chart, and bribary but now its just not bothering him. I really dont want to put him back into nappies but I am expecting 2nd DC in december and both DH and I work full time so a good bit of the time the continuing potty training falls to nursery or grandparents. GPs are struggling- DS says no and they go 'ok then' . 

We did arrange time off work to do the 1st week but cant really do this again.

Can anyone help with advice? Should we give up or persevere??? x


  • Hiya! Don't give up, keep trying. I have been in childcare for nearly twenty years and this is a very common thing with boys. I wish I could explain exactly why they do it, but I can't unfortunately! Girls seem to adapt to using the loo so much quicker and don't seem to tire of it whereas some boys do. Just don't make a big deal of when he does have an accident or he may see this as a form of getting attention and may do it even more. Reward him when he does use the potty/loo. Start a new reward chart and give him a goal to aim for. For instance, a week of no accidents means a special outing or a new toy. Tell Grandma and Grandad to respond in the same way. It's important that you sing off the same hymn sheet. He will get there in the end and all this will soon be a distant memory! Best of luck! Jackie x   

  • Don't give up to easily, as you say he has shown signs he is ready.

    Boys do tend to find it harder than girls (according to my DHs explanation, they have dangly bits that get in the way whilst we don'timage).  Rather than a potty, he may find a toilet seat adapter is easier to use with a footstool to help him reach it, he can feel like a 'big boy' using the same toilet as mummy & daddy.

    Reward charts are good if you aim for a goal as mentioned by Jacqueline.  There are also stories that can help such as 'Poo goes to Poo land'.  Ask your HV or children's library for stories to help make going to the loo more fun for LO.  Best wishes & good luck. 

  • Hello DEAR, dont worry, you dont have scruid up...there are kids that take longer..that happened to my oldest son..and he learnedlater!! what i would suggest is to try to make games, read lots of stories, ,,,i dowloaded a great app called potty training learning with the animals....my son loved it and help him a lot!

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