When to start potty training??

hi ladies,my daughter is nearly 20 months old.when is the best time to start potty training? We have nephews & bought a potty before our daughter was born so they could use it whenever they visited.weve left it in our bathroom & whenever me or my husband go in there with her.she happy to get the potty & sit on it.(with clothes on).we assumed this was a good start.where do you start? is pull ups any good? how do u teach them to go on the potty? sorry if these questions are abit silly.look forward to hearing from you.kind regards kim image


  • My nephew has just turned 2 and they've been potty training a few weeks, to be honest he could have started much earlier as he's a clever little boy but I think it all depends on their development. Good luck image
  • I have a 2 year old and not having much luck he try's n sits but nothing then when we keep diapers off he holds for four hours .only once pampers go back on he does it any advice ?
  • hi im new to this potty training my 2 year old will sit on the potty only on rare ocasions (pot in bathroom) he wont sit on it with out his nappy on i try to get him to sit on it when i go to the loo but normally he wont sit on it even tryed reading him a story on it as he will sit for ages when you read to him any tips thanks

  • Potty Training Seat fits comfortably under the toilet seat to provide a safe and secure way for your child to potty train!

  • I am start to give training my boy & he is now 21months.I use a potty chair for him......play with the potty......what i would suggest is to try to make games, read lots of stories, ,,,i dowloaded a great app called potty training learning with the animals....my son loved it and help him a lot!

  • I suggest, u can time him or her with every 15min u put the child on the potty and stay with him for about 5min.
  • my little boy is 18 months old and sits on the loo and potty with out any pull ups on, we have started doing this so he gets use to sitting on them, he follows his dad into the loo and will sit on the potty or if he asks to sit on the big boy loo we will put him on, he has done the odd wee in the loo but not the potty, he sits on it for about 5 mins then asks to get down, is this a good sign to start potty training soon? or do you think his still a bit too young? im unsure as this is the first time i will ever had to do any thing like this xx

  • Hi everyone, lots of answers but none really answer the original question of when to start potty training. The answer is a little more complicated than just providing an age but there are tell-tale signs that your little one is ready to start on the road to being toilet trained. Here are just a few:

    • Can your toddler stay dry for 2 hours at a time?
    • Is your child usually dry when he wakes from a nap?
    • Are they able to let you know that they are peeing or pooing? If they are able to do so, they are likely ready to begin toilet training.

    Find an additional 7 signs from my post 10 Tell-Tale Signs to Look for that your Toddler is Ready to Start Potty Training.

    I hope this helps anyone who comes here looking for some help. Remember though, every child is different so be patient and don't panic if your toddler is not potty trained but your friends are.

  • Hi All,

    I started potty training to my little one at the age of 2 and 1/2 years.It varies from baby to baby...some kids are more stubborn and its hard to start potty training.But there are some methods which helps your kid to be success its just 3days training.Please visit free potty trainingvideos which helped me a lot....

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  • Hi my little one is 11 months next week and I'm just wondering if potty training would be a good idea 
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