My daughter is 35 months old and ive been putting off potty training her for some time as i didnt think she was ready... now im getting as some sign that suggest she is ready! How do i start the potty training process and what do i do when we want to go out ? very nervous mummy ....


  • Hi Bonny Gay,

    I'm currently trying to potty train both my girls (added fun) as my eldest is autistic & doesn't speak it is more difficult with her than with my 20mth old.

    Generally you should have either a potty or a toilet seat adapter ready.  You should show your LO how to pull their bottoms up & down.  Some people will use training pants but some will just go straight to normal knickers but the idea is that they are left feeling 'damp' after they wee so they get use to knowing the sensations (this may mean packing an extra set of clothes when out).  Then it comes down to timing for your own LO, offer a drink & watch how long it takes before they need to wee, you then ask your LO 'Do you need to potty' just before that timescale (i.e. if they take roughly 60mins from drinking to weeing you offer the potty every 55mins).

    There will be accidents but don't react negatively, just mop up & reassure them it's ok & then praise & reward everytime they do make it to the potty.  Also be prepared that even if largely dry during the day they make take longer to become dry overnight too.  Best wishes & good luck

  • thank you so much for the info! i think im more nervous than anything... im more worried about when it will come to the time of going out and about .... i really want her to be completely potty trained by the time she starts nursery in september.... im gonna start once i know were going to be staying in for a few days ...will let you know how it goes fingers crossed xx

  • The summer months are the ideal time as it is (usually) warmer weather so you can effectively let them wonder around your home/garden without any bottoms on if they have an accident & save on the amount of washing.  You could try using normal knickers at home & having some training pants handy for going out & about in the early stages as the training pants will act a little like a nappy preventing damp clothes but still allowing their skin to acknowledge they've had a wee.

  • will deffinetely give it ago thank you ! its so nerve wracking lol

  • I think she is ready.... i would instead recomend you to start introducing the potty, and playing games, and reading stories about potty training....also, i also dowloaded a great potty training app called potty training learning with the animals.......then start the process...that will definitelly make it succesfull and easily!....

  • Hi Bonny Gay, you have post your problem related with your 35 years old daughter. You nervous about it . I think you will be successful to reomove the problem. It is nerve wracking lol. I think you have to know well about potty training problems
    . I wish your daughter may cure quickly. Thanks

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