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Right my friends little girl is 15 months old and has already started the process of potty training. What age did you start the potty training process? When did you know the baby is ready?


  • I waited til my son was about 28m old. I thought he was ready as he could sit still on the potty for a while, pull his pants and trousers up and down and seemed to have an idea when he was going in his nappy.

    The first 2 wks were a bit of a nightmare, and then it seemed to 'click' in his head.  I just took him out of nappies altogether (except at bed and nap times) so I didn't use pull ups.  I'd read that using these can make the process take longer, although if I'd needed to do a lot of travelling in those first few weeks I may have used them to make it easier.

    Good luck with it all.

  • Christine, my first child, was using the potty at 7 months old, but only if I set her on it.  Obviously she couldn't ask to go, but when set on it, she went.  Then I got pregnant, positive result when she was 8 months, so I gave up on it as I was too tired.  She had just turned 2 years when she told me that she didn't want to use nappies any more, just pants, and she never had any accidents.  My next 2 children were 2yrs and 8 months, and 2 yrs 9 months before they were out of nappies, but I didn't mind. 

    If you think she is ready now, give her a go at wearing pants, she may surprise you. 

    I think first children are quicker at these things anyway.

  • I have just started Saturday just gone with my little girl who is 29 months. She showed signs about 3 months ago but was hit and miss. Started saturday with potty and she has already had dry knickers for 2 days and started using the toilet she is doing well.

    Although number 2's are a different thing im struggling with that one.

    Dont think there is an age set just go with your child. xx
  • My son is 9 months old and I am potty training him for a month now (you can start potty training your baby when he/she is able to sit unsuported). Many people may say that baby won't understant what is wanted from him/her, but babies are smarter than you might think! image And the sooner you will start potty training your baby, the sooner he/she will understand it and also, if you will start potty training your baby later rather than sooner, there's a good chance that baby will refuse to sit on the potty. If you will start early, baby will get used to it without any problems. 

  • Honestly, I just look for the signs that my child is ready to potty train (http://www.toddler-tips-and-tricks.com/potty-training-signs.html). Then I begin potty training. Except with my youngest. He was not noticing when he dirtied nappies and he was fine with being in a dirty one when I started potty training him. But I only started potty training him without all the signs because he was so interested in the toilet. I'd catch him sitting on the toilet a lot so I decided that I might as well use his fascination to my advantage. Honestly, the first week was horrible since he didn't have a clue what he was doing. But once he finally understood how to pee on purpose we made a lot of progress. I gotta say, potty training a willing child who isn't quite sure what's happening is much easier than potty training a child who shows the physical signs but is not cooperative!

  • When the child is mentally ready, it's just better!
  • We are just about to start with our little girl. She is now 2.5yrs old and honestly - we haven't a clue where to start. We can see sometimes when shes doing it in her nappy because she gets that distant faraway look and goes quiet (sometimes runs off and hides behind the sofa) lol. Tried saying 'you must let Papa know when you need a wee/poop so we can start you on the potty/big toilet' but still no notification etc.  I'm just wondering if there will ever be a time or do we have to wait for signals or take the bull by the horns sotospeak ourselves.  This is our first child and she was also 3 months premature.  Sorry for hi-jacking this thread but I'm getting a bit worried now with school coming up soon.

  • I was told that I was potty trained at 9 months. apparemtly once stared on the potty I never ever had number 2 accident, and  by 1 yo I wasnt wearing nappied even for bed.

    My mum tried the same technique with my brother, but he didn't "get it" until he was just over 1.5 yo.

    My son is now 13 months and I train him to use toilet - not a potty. Of course we use special baby desk to adjust the size. I see no point of using potty as everyone is going on the normal toilet, so it is easier to understand for him.

    After couple of days he understood that toilet is for number 2, so he is now successfully having his number 2s every morning on the toilet but I have to sit him on it of course. He would also go in teh day time if I take him on the toilet but we still haven;t developed working worning system.  I don't try to train him with his wees just yet, but once number 2s are will work on demand we'll move on.




  • 9 months! That's amazing!! My LO is coming up to 9 months...I don't think he's quite ready yet though. image

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