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Needs a nappy for a poo.

My son is 3 & 1/2, we tried potty training a year ago, but he wasn't ready. We then waited a few months and then tried again and now he will wee in a potty/toilet at home, at nursery and when out. But he doesn't want to poo in a potty/toilet. He knows when he wants to poo, as he will go and get a nappy and insists it is put on. Things had been "on track" with him pooing in a potty until about a month ago when he had a bad stomach bug and suffered vomiting and diarrhea. I tried refusing his request for a nappy, but he just then appears to "hold it in" until he has a nappy put on at bedtime. All the indications are that he is aware of the signals, but he is then choosing the nappy over the potty/toilet. Has anybody else had a similar experience? What steps did you take?


  • I know what you mean, my son was very similar.  All I did was the usual tricks to encourage him to poo on the potty (lots of encouragement and praise, bribery etc), and I also gave him syrup of figs every night for a couple of weeks to get everything moving in the right direction as he had been holding it in and it had become quite hard.  I also tried to give him plenty of fruit and water for the same reason.  Do you take him with you when you go?  This seemed to help 'de-mystify' the event and show my son it was nothing to be frightened of.

    I know some people have tried using a nappy but with the child sat on the potty, and then cutting a hole in the nappy so it drops through into the potty, then going without the nappy altogether.

    Hopefully, it's just his bad experiences when he was poorly that have knocked him off track a bit and he'll soon return to using the potty/toilet for everything.

    Good Luck XX

  • Im struggling with pooh's to i have only started the training 5 days ago but already she has mastered the wee's and had no accidents in 2 days. But pooh's she just point blank refuses and just does them in her knickers but hides when she is doing it.

    We discuss with her but she just shouts no no no. We have tried alsorts even bribing with sweets she already has a stickers chart but wont acknowledge the stickers are for pooh's. xx
  • How about trying a different rewards system for poos?  Like giving a smartie or something else small whenever she does one in the potty/toilet?  I think that was Theoldwomanwholivesinashoe's idea and getting an immediate treat did seem to help...

  • Hi Brummy Mummy,

    My name is Amanda and I am the new writer for Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Magazine. I love your quote on how you got your son potty trained, I was just hoping I could get a bit of information of you so that I could feature it.

    I need your full name, age, where you live, name of your son and his age.

    If you could get this to me asap that would be great.

    Kindest regards,

    Amanda Pauley
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