toddler constipation

my two and half year old is suffering from constipation-took her to my gp who prescribed lactulose to help but after two weeks she s cottoned on to her medicine being in her juice and is refusing to drink -my gp said she must take the medicine but as im also trying to potty train its al becoming a bit of a nightmare as im tryin t prevent her havin 'issues' about going but she s stil in pain and struggling cos of refusing her drinks-goin t ring my doctor again but just wondered if any other mums hav had this wi their little ones


  • She definitely needs her medicine to help clean her out. If you can't get her that then make sure you follow the other normal suggestions for constipation in toddlers ( Make sure she's drinking lots of water, give her high fiber foods like whole grains, fruits and veggies! You can also give prune and apple juice as well and prunes, apples, and pears because they have sorbitol in them naturally which is kind of like a natural laxative!
  • Hi,

    My little girl also suffers from constipation.

    Prune juice should work without having to use the medicine. Try giving her a bigger dose of juice.

    They add food colouring, preservatives  and sweeteners to the medicine so it’s better try and avoid it if you can. image

  • My son suffered with constipaton until about 2 months ago and then it just dissappeared... no change in diet or anything...just started getting 'easier'. Lactoluse was a god send before that, DS had it in his milk which disguised it much better than juice imo. Also a bit of sugar on asome weetabix helps.

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