Please help :(

I tried potty training my little boy last summer but his speech was not great and he couldn't tell me he needed to go, I left it until january this year, he's three now and although he done great at the start with a few accidents here and there, it's now a nightmare these past few weeks...

hes constantly peeing and pooing himself to the point I'm stressed and crying.

there are times he will just take himself off to the toilet and to do a pee or a poo then the next day or later that day he's having accidents.

im so confused and I don't know what to do. His nanny suggested hes just being lazy so I banned toys, tv, games etc tried naughty chair, nothing is working.

he starts nursery in september and they won't take him if he isn't fully trained. 

any advice or help would be really grateful!


  • No educational establishment should turn away a child in nappies as it breaches the disability discrimination act.

    How is his speech now? Can he communicate when he needs the toilet?

    Wee continence is often learned before poo continence so try not to be too harsh if he doesn't master both straight away. Lots of praise when he succeeds, praise again for trying & try not to lose your cool if he has an accident (it can make him more likely to have an accident if he feels scared/anxious).

    Is he using a potty or a toilet trainer seat? This can be the big difference for some children, some enjoy using & emptying their potty whilst others prefer being like mum & dad using the big toilet.

    If not already in use, a reward chart may help - a sticker for every wee in the toilet, two for every poo, collect ten stickers to receive a special gift

    Best wishes & good luck

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