Need help with potty training!

Im trying to potty train my youngest, but because my oldest is disabled and still need to wear nappies it has made it impossible to do it. i have tried awarding her every time she makes it to the potty but it dosnt seem to work. she all ways just uses her nappy instead of the potty. is there anything else i can try?


  • I found putting my little boy straight into pants helped. He didn't like the feeling of wet pants so as soon as he needed the potty if he trickled in his pants he stopped and shouted for the potty. He was 2 year 1 month when we started. Hope this helps. 

  • i would just keep them in nappies until there like 6 then try again.

  • How old is your youngest? Could you maybe be trying too soon, before she is ready?

  • shes 3 years old

  • There is some good information on the NHS website if you google it - might be a good place to start?

    We had such a battle with my DD, who is otherwise very bright and articulate. We started potty training at 2.5 and did everything in the book. Sticker charts, rewards, praise for success, didn't criticise accidents, got her to change her own trousers when she had an accident, gave her lots of praise for being a big girl. It worked for a couple of weeks - then she decided she flat out didn't want to do it any more. I was tearing my hair out! She was wetting on purpose, up to ten times a day. It was stressing us all out, but I initially stuck with it as I had read so much about consistency being key. Then after a week of feeling really stressed and being unable to keep up with the laundry I called my health visitor who told me to give it a rest for a couple of months and put her back in pull ups. It was the advice I needed and it made us both relax about the issue. After a couple of months in pull ups, last week she decided (aged 3.5) that she suddenly wanted to wear knickers after all. We are 1 week in and no accidents so far... I know all children are different but I would suggest if you're not getting anywhere to put it on the back burner for a couple of months then try again, or perhaps discuss with your health visitor.

    Hope this helps!

  • i will try it 

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