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Potty plea! 2yr old has asked to pi-pi potty, so we've gone with it. I'm getting conflicting opinions, some say I should sit him often, I was sitting him on potty hourly and he was dry inbetween. Others say that he needs to learn to hold longer than that and that I shouldn't sit him hourly that I should be looking for clues, which is what I did yesterday, we had 3 accidents and at one point 4 wee's within an hour! Any help is appreciated. Thanks


  • I think every child is different so it'll really be trial and error. My first potty trained at 2 and we sat her every so often on the potty in the living room and gave her plenty of water so that she would use it frequently. We also kept her in pull ups for a while so she wasn't peeing all over the carpets with accidents. When she looked like she was stopping playing to just sit and concentrate, we'd run her to the potty and always did the big "woo hoo well done, you sat on the potty" every time she used it. I think learning to hold it longer will come with time, i personally dont think you can expect them to do that straight off the bat when they're only just starting to potty train. Also I found potty books were great to read to her when she was on the potty. Hope this helps x
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