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Toilet training at night

Hello all!  Hope you are well.

My toddler keeps on taking his nappy off if he has a poo of a night time before he goes to sleep. Totaly understandable as he is clean during the day and is only just over 2 and half. He must not like the feeling of it being in his pull ups now. I was wondering if we should train him overnight but he is still so little. For the last 3 nights we have had poo everywhere where he has taken his nappy off!!!

Any thoughts or similiar experiences greatly appreciated.

Charlotte x


  • Does he seem to be doing it at the same time every night? Is it just after he has gone to bed. If so could you try putting him on the potty or toilet before bed to try and do a poo? I am not sure of overnight training as havent mastered that one yet but does seem to be quite young to do that, is his nappy wet or dry in the morning? Can you tell him he needs to call you if he does a poo? good luck x
  • Hi Charlotte, like your son my daughter is two and a half and is clean and dry during the day but as soon as we put a nappy on her for bed she poos and then we have to change her again and we have tried putting her on the toilet before we put the nappy on but 9 times out 10 she doesn't do her poo, i know this post isn't very helpful but I just wanted to say I know what going through and just hang in there. Good luck honey x 

  • Hi .. well i'm having the same trouble i have Two and a half year old twin girls and they are dry all through the day but as soon as i put there night time nappy on they poo .. I have tried everything .. I have been told that once you stop them wearing nappies in the day then you must stop at night to.. I'm just to scared to do this .. it's hard work .

    One of my daughters also as the fear of using public toilets, she holds her wee until we get home..which isn't good

    Help anyone? please

    Simone x

  • Hi Ladies,

    We didn't have the exact problem, we had a diaper digger...especially during nap time or night time. To fix that problem I put her in pants and then put a one-piece, button at the crotch, outfit on her to keep her out of her diaper, which worked.

    If the toddlers are going poo in their diapers I heard a trick that I haven't used but thought it was brilliant. The mom knew the child only would do a poo in their diaper so she cut a hole in the diaper and put them on the potty. If you know it happens about the same time each night perhaps that is worth trying.

    Good luck and God Bless! I would love to hear if you try the hole in the diaper thing.


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