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Team Wee Can Do This - Potty training boys

In our recent survey, over a third of parents believed it was harder to potty train boys than girls. What are the problems you’re facing, which may be a boy thing? Share your stories, tips and questions with other mums of potty training boys…


  • At this age my daughter was in pull ups, using the toilet & potty. my little boy is showing NO interest in getting out of nappies. Although he did accidently pee in the potty on his way to the bath the other night as he walked past it!!

  • Lindsay how old is your little man? My boy has never shown any inclination of wanting to go but we decided it was just time (cant afford two lots of nappies since DS2 has been born!) and he's taken to it suprisingly well. Altough only when he is in big boy pants. Pull ups or the reall cloth training pants dont work for us, he still wee's.

  • My daughter was so easy, I expect my son to be a nightmare, fortunatley it is a long time till he is ready, But I agree with ^^^^^ above - its worth giving it a go, and if he isnt ready, put it off ofr another week.


  • well this my son first time potty tranning got no other kids so i let u know if it different i dont know when i have other kids it may be different my son said poo and wee and he is learning about potty

  • are certain potties better suited for boys or girls?

  • There are special potties for boys. I came across one on amazon -



  • We almost trained my daughter at 2 to be potty trained, just as she turned 2 we had our second baby a boy. My daughter just wanted to copy my son as he wore nappies, so we went backwards. We finally got her potty trained just after her third birthday. 

    My son is coming up to 2 now. They say boys are harder to potty train than girls. So any tips would be great. He seems to want to sit on the potty now  He sits there for about 5 mins. He gets up and walks about and twice he has had a wee on the floor straight after. 


  • We have a potty from Toys R Us, im pretty sure it Summer infant. It has a lid on like a toilet, the middle insert has an easy pour tip on it for emptying and the seat is a mini toilet seat which can be used on the big toilet whilst the rest of the potty with the lid down can be used as a step so a great all round progressive potty imo. My DS loves the fact that is has a lid like a big toilet.

    As a nursery nurse my experience was that boys are always harder to train but I honsetly think the trick is to leave it until theyre ready, dont push them just because your friends kids are doing it or you think they should be potty trained dead on 2 years old.. Whilst our DS didnt show any signs of wanting to train and was quite happy in nappies, whenever he was in the bath he would look at himself before he had a wee so we knew he knew what it felt like before you were about to wee which was an instigator for us (apart from not wanting to pay for two lots of nappies!)

  • i used a ping pong ball in the toilet and a small plastic step for my wee boy and asked him to aim his wee wee at the ball, it doesnt flush away after and it makes it like a gaome and helps them to aim, 

  • there should be a thread for special needs potty training. i have/am going through training for both my boys who have autism. it's very hard, as one is non verbal and is almost four. it would be nice to have tips from other parents who are experiencing similar difficulties.

    my youngest keeps stripping and weeing everywhere. he is scared to go to the toilet and has meltdowns when i try to put a nappy back on him. head butting himself and lashing out. this is very difficult at night. he cannot tell me when he wants to go, but i think he knows. he looks at it, then jumps up and down in whatever he does. can anyone help?

  • you can buy balls that you put down the toilet and our little boy aimed at them. You can buy them at waitrose and they encourage good aim (less mess to clear upimage

  • I saw this thing the other day... although really cant think where now (doh!) that clipped onto the toilet and acted as a mini urinal for little boys. I thought this was a fab idea as sometimes DS wants to 'copy daddy' but cant reach the big loo even with a step. Must go find it!

  • Bizarrely, my son couldn't wait to get started. He needed no encouragement! He started with the potty at 18 months and was dry by 2. The only issue was his love of "spraying it around" as though it was a water pistol. That was a problem for several months but after much encouragement and explanation he finally stopped.

  • I'm planning to start potty training my son (who's almost 2 1/2) next week but how do others cope with things like going out in the car for hours - do you take the potty & stop every 30 minutes?
  • @Isis1981uk ... We took the insert in our potty with us (we have a potty/step/mini toilet seat combincation potty) where ever we went to start off with but we were very surprised at how well he could control his bladder if im honest. We dont let him have a drink from 15 minutes before leaving if its a long journey and ensure he does a wee before we leave. Once we've been driving for half hour let him have a drink then usually 15-20 minutes later ask him if he needs a wee...the answer is usually yes and find somehwere to stop so he can wee. Means you can get at least a good 45 minute drive in before stopping if they dont fall to sleep first. He hasnt wee'd in the car (yet).


    We had our first trip to the shopping center at the weekend since potty training and very pleased to say we had no accidents. Just asked if he needed a wee everytime we passed the loo =)

  • we went to a wedding at the weekend and we were forever in the loo with ds! They had really posh and had the biggest full length mirrors I had ever seen... The real reason he 'needed a wee' so much. Oh the adventures children have in public toilets!

  • my son started potting training at 2. i left it until he was ready; when he started telling me he needed a wee. he didnt like the potty, but preferred the toilet, so we got him a seat for the toilet and a step. he loved getting on the toilet himself, it made him feel like a big boy. we have him lots of praise and stickers whenever he went. we went straight from nappies to big boy pants, didnt bother will pull ups. i took him with me to choose some pants. we got a waterproof mattress protector for his bed incase he had accidents in the night, but we took him to the toilet just before bed. when we first started we took spare clothes out with us. he had a couple of accidents when we first started, but he was dry and fully potty trained in no time

  • The great things about boys is they can wee up tree's! We went to the local 'Skegness comes to the park' day and he was desperate for a wee but the toilets were so far away and he was already jigging, obviously holding it in through the excitement of Donkey rides and candy floss. We found the closest tree and wee'd against it... fab! So easy... I just hope he doesnt think he can do it anywhere and everywhere now

  • Josh's potty training has taken a turn for the worse, no he insists on using his "hose" just like fireman sam!

    You can imagine the mess i have to clean up every dayimage

  • Lullaby mummy that made me chuckel! We've had a few accidents this week as Ds is ill so im putting down to the fact he wansts to veg on the sofa. Good job its leather! 

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