Only doing 1 wee all day when up and awake?

I began potty training DD (aged 2y6m) yesterday, after a couple of weeks practising sitting on the potty at nappy changes.

She had 3 wee accidents on the floor and managed 2 wees in the potty. She wore a nappy at nap time, which was wet when I took it off, and again at bed time, which was wet and soiled this morning when she woke up at 8am.

She did 1 wee on the potty this morning at 11am, then she had a nappy on for her afternoon nap (1-3pm) which was very wet when she woke up, then no more wees before she went to bed at 7.15pm.

She did sit on the potty about once an hour throughout the day when she was awake, but apart from at 11am, she didn't do anything. She has been eating and drinking normally, and the heavy nappies after sleeping show she isn't dehydrated. Should I be worried about this? Should she be weeing more regularly?

Her nappies were never dry for more than 2 hours when she was wearing them all day. She gets lots of praise for sitting on the potty, and even more plus a sticker on her chart and a smartie when she produces anything, so the incentive is there.

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