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2 year begging for nappy!

my 27 month old is very bright she’s very talkative can count do abc get her self dressed... but toilet & potty is a different story!

she refuses to be without a nappy. The couple times where I managed to get her to go without one she wore knickers all day, from 8am - 5pm she did not wee or poop. At 5pm she started crying for a nappy her belly obviously hurting, so I put one on her within half hour her nappy was full. Any suggestions? Shall I just make her go without nappy? And let her get over it?


  • I've heard about this happening before; a colleague at my old work, their daughter would only poop in a nappy. Thing is, if your daughter is holding it in, it shows she seems to have that level of understanding not to pee or poo herself, but she's getting anxious about letting it go in the loo or potty. And it's really not good for her to hold it either. 

    Have you done a reward sticker chart? Stick it on the bathroom door and give her a sticker every time she goes? Or even sit her down with a book or your phone on the loo to encourage her to go - (play a youtube potty video?)

    Also is she at nursery? If so, what do they advise? 

    Sorry i don't have any other advice, but i think this is quite a common thing. 

  • Thank you for your reply. That’s what I think that she knows what the nappy is for and what the toilet is for. She is not one for change, hates change so I think it’s also to do with that. I try and encourage her as much as I can, I’ve got a sticker chart but she’s not bothered by it. I’ve explained all her cousins go to toilet etc and she’ll be big girl like them if she does too. I’ve not tried potty book or video while she is on the toilet maybe that could be my next move. She won’t sit on a potty won’t even entertain the idea but I can occasionally get her to sit on the toilet. She’s not in nursery, I’d love her to be so she can learn from others but we just can’t afford to send her which is such a shame. Especially as if we lived in a slightly different postcode she could go for free like my friends daughter. I just didn’t think it would be so difficult with her as she has always been so forward. Just goes to show that not all children are the same. I’m sure she will get it but it’s just frustrating for me that she hasn’t :(

  • Do you know what, skip the potty altogether - get her a little step and a toddler seat that goes on the loo - in fact, take her out and let her pick her own one - make it a big deal. Involve her in the decision (cause honestly, who needs to be empyting the potty into the loo every time and then cleaning it?)  

    And don't worry, she will eventually get it - but sometimes these kids test us! 

  • Hi lana my daughter lily is now 3, she Sounds exactly the same, she’s been able to talk clearly from 16 months always knew her abcs could count to 20 everything way before her time but the potty my god I used to fight with her to even get her to sit on it! one day it just clicked to me and I said to her let’s be toilet buddies, I sat her potty next to the toilet and every time she Looked like she needed to go I said right I need a wee and I definitely need my toilet buddy and we’d hold hands and walk to the toilet together and she’d go with me, id praise her and she’d Praise me I’d say things like ‘im doing it’ with a big smile on face and then she’d say the same she also had a sticker reward chart and we didn’t want to reward her with chocolate or anything she we done for the first 10 stickers she could pick a small toy after 20 stickers we would take her trampolining and for 30 stickers she could go to paultons park she got 6 stickers on the first day 😂 going for a number 2 was more difficult and she’d just do it in her pants I think because when they wet themselves they get soaking and it’s a significant difference from doing it in a nappy but a number two is just the same! But now she’s completely dry during the day 1 & 2’s we recently tried her at night but with no luck I just don’t think she’s ready for that yet! She used a potty for like 2 weeks before using her toilet seat, make sure no matter where you go you don’t cave and put a nappy on her, I was always worried about taking her out because it’s not so easy to find somewhere or change but we just run and find a quiet little spot and she’ll do it outside with no problems! Good luck I hope she gets sorted soon I know how frustrating it is when they’re so clever! Sometimes they are to clever for there own good and no what they want and what they don’t want! There was a time I thought I’d be changing her nappy when she was 16 and now she’s fine! Also places like next & mothercare do really good character pants which definitely helps! 

  • Thank you for your reply!! I’m glad I’m not the only one with a strong willed toddler. It’s frustrating when they’re bright in other ways isn’t it. I’ll take what you said on board about putting the potty next to the toilet for us both to go at the same time. Didn’t think of that, I take her up with me if I can (have a 16 month old too so can be quite difficult with the 2 of them) and she calls me a good girl for going lol. I’ll gave a look out for character pants! Hopefully can find some in her size she wears 12-18 months so I’m finding “cool pants” difficult to get hold of. Thank you for your tips! Xx

  • Oh yeah I can imagine that being quite difficult with another little one too! Hopefully something Works for you soon! I think the ones I got in next go that small too, we got her beauty and the beast and my little pony ones recently, we got peppa pig in mothercare and I know m&s do frozen ones, I think tesco do paw patrol too 😂 I’ve got everything crossed for you! It’s so frustrating especially when you know they are mentally capable! Good luck xx

  • Awesome tips! My almost 4-year-old son won't poo in the toilet, too and it's frustrating. I think I'll try this reward system. Thanks everyone!
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