Should i potty train??

Im due to give birth in about 6 weeks and have a house move in that time, do i start potty training or should i leave it til after we have settled in and the baby is here as i know it might be a bit too much for him all at once?


  • I’m guessing you have another child already. I would just advise to do it when you have time. I think if you start potty training one day and then don’t have the time to do it for the next three days they might get a bit confused.

    I have a 6month old that I am training at the moment so dont have the best knowledge as never completed it before. Good luck with your move and birth 😊

  • How old is your little one ash? Are they showing signs that they are ready? (ie showing interest in The potty, taking themselves off to a corner when they ‘go’, holding pee and poop for a couple of hours at a time etc?).... if your hold is showing signs that he / she is ready then that’s good... I would though advise that you wait until you are in your new home and settled for a couple reasons.... 

    1) a really good way to potty train is to let them be in the house with no bottoms on for several days at least until they get the hang of going on the potty... you need to spend a few days exclusively at home to work on this as going out obviously then requires dressing and that interrupts the process. 

    2) changes can unsettle them and cause a little regression for a a short time... I’ve seen this with friends children and my own... my little guy was doing really well with peeing and then we moved him to his new ‘big boy room’ & ‘big boy bed’ and changed some other things around in the house and immediately he went back to peeing in his underwear and peeing on the floor in the house. It lasted just a few weeks but was I’m sure in relation to the changes at home. 

    Good luck!! ☺️

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