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Daughter seems to be afraid of the Toilet


I have just started toilet training and finding it very difficult.

Its like my daughter is afraid of the toilet. She is ready to go because she will go outside or hide when she does poos or wees but I try to get her to go on the toilet she screams and kicks and cries.

I have tried lollies, stickers, singing songs, reading books, taking her when I go to the toilet and taking away toys but she just wont go.

She has started daycare and they have tried to get her on the toilet too but she does the same.

I am out of ideas.



  • hello, my daughter is the same im pulling my hair out? did you succeed?

  • Hi,

    Yes we got there eventually. The breakthrough we had was getting a step and having the step and her toilet seat always set up so she could go by herself.

    She is very stubborn and just didn't want me helping her. 

    I hope that helps.

    Good luck!

  • Hi, ok great that’s ordered! This is so hard I feel so bad! She asks for a wee but then will only go in a nappy! She wears pants through the day! Thanks 

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