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Tips for potty training girls!

Does anyone have any tips for potty training girls ? 

My daughter is 16 months old she is constantly taking her nappy and clothes off! She will sit on the potty once nappy is off but never manages to actually "go" in the potty.


  • I have a boy so no girl tips sorry but when he had just turned 2 we started potty training. Left potty out and he just got it.

    i would just say keep going with it, but don’t expect knickers straight away. Could you do pull ups? We started with sitting on potty afer bath to read a book. i went with the thought of it won’t be done in a week and slow and steady. x

  • It sounds like she's not ready yet if she won't actually go in the potty - and she is quite young. But deffo keep encouraging and i would get one of those kiddie toilet seats that you pop on the loo - tell her she can pee/poo just like mummy! 

    Also get a portable potty too - they come with special bags (i think it's called a potette) and they are amazing when out and about. 

  • when I started potty training my daughter (she was 2)  she loved sitting on the potty but would never go and then all of a sudden she hated it and wouldn’t even sit on there and the only thing that worked was me saying we’ll be toilet buddies I put her potty next to the toilet and everytime I went (or she looked like she needed to go) we’d go in there together and go at the same time! I’d shout really enthusiastically ‘im doing it’ and she’d shout the same and we’d praise each other, so it seemed to her that we were in it together! We also had a peppa pig sticker chart on the fridge so everytime she went she’d Get to put a sticker on and after so many she’d get a reward! She’s 4 next month and has never looked back! She just takes herself to the toilet now! Hope she does it soon & just remember patience is key! 

  • Following!

    I have to say this is probably the hardest milestone to reach. Two days in and its so difficult! But Rome wasn’t built in a day so just keep trying and keep patient. And any tips would be great! X

  • A bit late in the thread - you may have already cracked it.  But I trained all 4 of my kids before they were 2 years old by introducing the concept of the potty (potty = adapted toilet seat on the adult toilet) when they started walking.  I found that raising awareness in the child way before they 2 years old really helps.  I would work in raising awareness of the potty from the point they learnt how to walk to about 21 mths when I took the nappy off and didn't look back.  Once a child knows what to do and what is expected of them they will want to take the nappy off and try for themselves.  

    The main things I would to raise awareness was to take my kids into the bathroom when they started walking and showed them that mummy didn't wear nappies and then let them hear the tinkle or the plop.  I would (when they could reach) let them flush the toilet.  I would get my husband and older kids to show them that we don't wear nappies etc.  I would increase their awareness as well as let them sit on the adapted seat (with the step stool) so they would get the concept.  I would read books, play games, download interactive apps on the ipad and have kids already trained over for playdate.  So when it was time to take off the nappy - they were literally itching to be a big boy (or girl).  Worked everytime and I will be honest I just loved potty training.  I hope you managed to crack it SophieBee. 

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