My son (11) back in nappies

My 11 year old son (Aaron) is having wetting issues. Having autism he’s very self conscious and has recently been wetting the bed at night and sometimes during the day. We went to the doctor and they did tests and could find nothing wrong. I couldn’t keep washing sheets and his clothes so I put him back into nappies at night and during the day as well. At first he hated this but now he is enjoying wearing them. Whenever I put him in them or change his nappies he gets really excited and begins acting like a baby. He is now asking me to treat him like toddler by feeding him, bathing him, carrying him around, putting him in a stroller and high chair - which I don’t mind doing as he’s home schooled and is very small for his age. I’m just concerned about why he’s being like this and what to do next? 


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