Somebody please give me some advice

Hi, I have a 3 year old girl who is more than ready to be trained, she is in pants all day and tells me when she needs a wee but flatly refuses to go on the toilet or potty. She will hold it for hours on end, tears tantrums etc until I finally give in and give her a nappy...…...

Her wee is now smelling strong and im worried she will have an infection. I took her to the doctors who said they need a sample to check but its impossible to get one,

Has anyone been through this?


  • Hi jopragnell

    Have potty trained all 3 of mine and all been different so honestly couldn't say the best way for ur little one but have always had my 3 come with me to choose a potty they like etc and made such a fuss when they used it that they would sit trying to get the smallest drop out for praise/stickers/treats etc 😂 bless them. 

    My youngest who will be 3 March 1st is very fussy and we actually brought a proper toilet seat that has 2 rings (1 normal size & 1 little bums) and she actually goes out of her way to go upstairs to use that one as opposed to the one downstairs which is a plastic seat that sits on top of a normal one. 

    As for a sample i never have managed to get one from mine until we successfully got a potty in play so know how u feel.

    Hope this helps u a little x

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