Little girl won’t poo in potty

please help me I’m at the end of my tether!! My little girl has been doing wees on the potty and toilet for a long time but she still either poos her knickers or does them in a nappy on the night!! We have tried reward charts, bribes, poo goes to poo land story, and today she has still pood her knickers twice!! When she once did one on the potty we gave her so much praise but it just hasn’t seemed to work.


  • How old is she? I have to say, i've heard from so, so many friends that cracking the poos can be so much harder than cracking the wees. 
    One friend's daughter didn't get pooing on the loo until she was 4 years old, i think nearly 5, so rest assured you're not alone! 

    Have you tried taking a step back - giving her some time off from 'you must poo in the loo' and then starting again? Maybe offering her a nappy/pull up just for pooing - once she's got the hang of that, then trying to progress to the toilet? 

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