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A little advice please

I've just started toilet training my 2 &1/2 yr old. I've been doing the twenty minutes on a potty or the toilet, which she is mostly happy to do & will often have a wee. I then reward with a sticker, which she loves!!!
However, I just wondered how long I need to keep taking her with this routine or when should I start expecting her to ask to go herself.

I do have a 7 yr old too, but can't remember all the ins & outs!!!



  • Hi there,  I am just literally new to this the only advice I can give you is that keep taking your little girl to the potty or toilet every hour believe it or not and keep asking her if she needs it I done this with my wee girl and she has done great only down fall is she is still in night nappies but hope this helps you she will be dry if you take her everytime even during the day. 
  • She will then eventually should ask to go her wee self. 
  • Fab, thanks. I thought so, just needed a little reassurance! 😊😊
  • No worries glad to help that's what all us mums are here with that has advice to help others I just thought with my wee girl being out day nappies I'd pass my advice on she will tell you when she wants no  nappies during day as that's what my wee girl does I put her on toilet when she tells me even when out and about on bus to even take her to a shop i find it doing it that way with her telling me it gives her the confidence I tend to find now with her being in nursery all day she will only get a half cup of milk in morning  and a little more going to bed at the moment but she asks to go  before bed and when she wakes up then wants pants on I then reward her at the end of the week for being dry. 
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