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any suggestions please

Isaac is almost 2 1/2 now and tells me when he is doing a poo and wee so I decided that now would be a good time to introduce the potty, we talked about it and I let him pick his potty, he chose a Thomas one and he chose his big boy pants (also Thomas) he seemed really excited about it but when we tried to put his pants on he completely freaked out and kept pulling them off, nothing I could say or do would convince him to wear them, I decide that maybe for the first few days whilst we were planning on being at home he could just have nothing on from the waist down which he was fine with, except that he refuses to sit on his potty and seems to be hysterically afraid of it, not just a bit worried but full screaming/shaking and clinging to me, then I thought maybe try using the toilet straight away but again hysterical tears and shaking. He seems terrified. I have decided that maybe now is not the time but he is getting older and all my other 3 were trained by now with relatively few problems, does any one have any suggestions where I could help him not be so afaraid?


  • does he go into the toilet with you?thats the only thing i can suggest take him to the toilet with you,daddy and older siblings and show him its nothing to be scared of talk about whats happening and maybe introduce a star chart hope this helps.
  • Hi, yes he does go to the toilet with me, hubby and the older children he even talks about what were doing, its just the idea of him doing it that seems to freak him out. Think I will leave it a while and see how he goes in a few weeks
  • I have been potty training Lexie for 8 days now and the first two days were awfall she was really freaked out but has calmed down so maybe just keep trying oh i have also found some good potty training stories on amazon so got her a couple of books and she loves looking at them while sat on the potty.Also there is a funny potty training sont on youtube with elmo think its called elmos potty song and thats funny Lexie loved watching that and there is an adult version too lol
  • Thanks, I spoke to the hv today and she said to just take the potty and the pants completely away and not even talk about them for at least a couple of weeks maybe longer, otherwise he will just get stressed about it and it will become a battle. Think I may leave it until the October half term when I dont have loads of school runs to do because I think that once you start potty training, if you revert back to using nappies at times then they just get confused and it will be much easier if I dont have to go out for a few days.
  • yeah thats a good idea we started Lexie as she was ready so i got oh to have a week off to help too i kept her off nursery too to give it a good chance of clicking good luck for when you try in the hols
  • I had the same thing with ds when i tried a while back, he wouldn't go near potty or toilet and kept telling me it was too scary, we decided that he wasn't quite ready and are only just trying again now (with varying levels of success). This time round he's quite happy to sit on toilet and seems to have skipped the potty completely.
    Like u i had dd potty trained before she was 2 1/2 with very little fuss and expected ds (who is now nearly 3) to be the same but he just hasn't quite got it yet. They say every child is different and how true it is lol!
    I can remember a 'friend' forcing her little girl to sit on the potty til she did something because her siblings had been potty trained by the same age and thought it was horrendous- the same 'friend' recently tried to give me advice about potty training ds needless to say i took no notice lol!
    Hope that helps a little! x
  • Thanks jo, its nice to know I'm not the only one. x
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