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in tears right now!!

ok advice needed- wee fella started potty training 2 days ago. first day was great, got about 6 or 7 pees on the potty- all him going without being told, only one or two wee dribbles on floor and wet nappy while alseep. Next day and today has screamed and refused to go near potty- cried for a nappy when he needs, eventually squirting out wee tiny bits twice when bribed followd by peeing the rest in his pants or a pull up as soon as he gets chance. Lots of tantrums- resulting in me being raging and not enjoying things at all. Do I give in or do i keep trying??? agh!!!!!!!

Also am using stickers and buttons as rewards which he loves so not sure what else to do!!! xxxx


  • how old is your lo? i would maybe wait a week or so and try again. i tried with toby who 28 months and the more i push the more he digs his heels in. am going to try again over the school holidays hoping for some nice weather and am planning on letting him run round the back garden with out any pants on with the potty close by
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