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Day 3

Hi im trying to potty train my 22month old im keeping her naked waist down at the moment day 1 was good 2 and half wees on potty and 1 poo on potty day 2 not so good only 1 wee on potty she seemed to get a bit scared of the feeling of weeing i was pulling my hair out yesterday lol now day 3 i have decided bribery is the way forward lol im giving 2 small chocolate buttons for a wee and a giant chocolate button for a poo so far we have had 2 wees on the potty with no freaking out which is great progress but 1 slip today as she had a poo in her pants which she asked to wear but im not too worried at the moment its very early days i think shes doing ok oh and she has had a nap each day and she has stayed dry for it.She was showing the signs : staying dry for a couple of hours in the day,pulling off wet nappies, telling us when she had done a poo, being able to pull down her trousers. So im giving it a go anyone else training their lo at the moment? im not putting pressure on as if it dont work out this time i'll try again at christmas time.Does anyone know when i should try to get her dry at night? thanks

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  • well day 3 went well 4 wees in potty 1 poo in potty 1 wee on floor 1 poo in pants bless her shes getting the hang of it slowly image
  • my 19 month old decided she wants to go to potty which is great, but, 1st thing when she wakes up she asks for her potty, takes ALL of her clothes and nappy off.. all by herself! i have tried to explain that she doesn't need all of her clothes off and can keep her t-shirt and vest on but she refuses pulling them off with great ease. I would like her to be potty trained before feb when the new arrival will be here but i have never forced it and don't really mind anyway she isn't even 2 yet. I just find it so frustrating because yes i want her potty trained but i cant have her taking her clothes off everywhere! i have tried to look for pictures showing big girls on the potty with their clothes on but as you can imagine there aren't any just animations which she doesn't really relate too. she is also petrified of having a poo on it. anyone any ideas please!?:\?
  • Day 4 1 accident and ... Day 5 No accidents! i think its clicking image
  • Fantastic - shes doing great! xx
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